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Computing Edge Elements (EEs)

  A separate process computes edge elements (EE) from the given image frame by the following procedure. A set of consecutive images are convolved with filter masks which correspond to the partial derivatives of a 3D Gaussian in the (x,y,t)-space constituting the (argument) domain of the digitized image sequence g(x, y, t) (see, e. g., [Otte & Nagel 95]). Based on the estimates for the x- and y-component of the gray value gradient obtained in this manner, EEs are determined as local maxima of the gradient magnitude in the gradient direction. The result of these operations are indicated in Figure 4 by the component-panel immediately above the ones representing the regions cropped from the raw input digitized image sequence.

HHN (Karlsruhe): Conceptual Descriptions from Image Sequences (Dec. 16, 1996)