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Outline of the (Edge Segment) Geometric Evaluation Subprocess

The geometric evaluation subprocess has to estimate the scene domain trajectory of a vehicle. This subprocess comprises the following four sub-subprocesses:

Figure 4 illustrates how the sub-subprocesses of detection, initialisation, and state actualisation interact with each other.

Figure: Interaction between the sub-processes of detection, initialisation, and state actualisation; for details see chapters 3.1 through 3.3.

At this point we have to distinguish between two different kinds of `state', namely the state of (some component of) the scene and the states characterizing evaluation steps within Xtrack. The former will be referred to by a state vector x whereas the latter will be denoted as   Xtrack-state. An Xtrack-state refers to the system-internal representation of an intermediate evaluation state of Xtrack which is indicated in Figure 4 by square windows showing a sample region cropped from some frame or model depiction. An algorithmic process performs the computations which transform intermediate state description(s) of the respective Xtrack-input-state(s) into the intermediate state description of the corresponding Xtrack-output-state. These transformation processes is indicated by octagons in Figure 4.

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